Backache or Sciatica

Backache is one of the common symptoms of adults and the ageing population. Low back pain occurs in over 80% of adults in their lifetime. Many of these backaches are self-limited. Back pain occurs from spinal nerves coming out of spinal column, muscles and ligament tough membranous structure covering the spine and spinal cord itself. The disk between the 2 adjoining vertebrae normally get displaced because of sitting posture without pressing the nerves or injuring them. When the disk injures the nerve then it produces pain but changes deep tendon muscle reflexes of lower limbs which -diminishe or become absent , motor power and sensation also are diminished or lost in legs. Than only disc herniation/protrusion is considered as the culprit causing backache otherwise it is only a red herring. There is a that knife is a poor choice for a chronic pain.

If lumbar sacral spine has an infection or a fracture then also it produces pain. Demineralisation of bone called osteoporosis also produces low back ache. The commonest cause of pain in back which spreads to leg is generally known as sciatica. The reason for this is swelling of the nerve root as it emerges from spine. Many of the nerves coming out of spine form a network called plexuses which get involved in some viruses like herpes zoster producing pain with blisters in skin.

The commonest cause of undiagnosed low backache may not lie in the low back spine but resides in pain controlling network of brain. When it is not functioning adequately it can give rise to condition called fibromyalgia. This condition has pain all over body and occasionally primarily focused on low back muscles. The various investigation of low backache includes MRI spine, NCV, specific blood test and occasionally MRI brain. Treatment is direc

They may also see or hear things that do not exist. They are convinced about their existence despite the evidence to the contrary. Such delusion occurs in neurological illness also. Some of them go to the extent of being convinced that people are planning against them or their life partner is unfaithful to them. (delusion)

The above behavior changes occur in various neurological diseases, which can be alzheimers, dementia, tumors, vascular, toxic and infective disorders.

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