Change in behavior of a known person or people close to you

Is there a change in behavior of a known person or people close to you have noticed any change in your behaviour and mentioned it to you?. Do you or someone known to you, see or hear things which are not existing?

If a person has deviation or change in his/her established behavior than also some structural or biochemical changes in brain have to be considered in the areas of brain concerned with regulation of different aspects of behaviour. If a person becomes antisocial, starts fighting or start picking of quarrels with his colleagues, friends, family members or strangers and become abusive, uses profane language behaves in a disinhibited behavior or person withdraws from the company of people is less motivated, has sadness of mood or is easily distracted and not focusing on ongoing thing, cannot control his impulses of thoughts, picks up fight with people, cannot control his anger, then also a dysfunction of the prefrontal cortex and its connections is the cause of such behaviour. Such people may on the contrary also have extra energy despite sleeping for 2 to 3 hrs, have flight of ideas and ideas of grandeur . Their actions including overspending are without any concern about the consequences.

Some persons may have an uncontrolled desire to buy various objects without thinking about their usefulness going to the extent of picking up things unknowingly not belonging to them. Many people have a habit of excessive hand washing and keeping everything spick and span in a obsessive manner keeping things clean and orderly arranged, and doing corresponding motor actions repeatedly. There are also people who get panic attacks, all theses are due to improper functioning of brain circuit in emotional areas of brain.

Whereas some people are over suspicious in nature of others or have a feeling that others are planning something against them or are convinced of hearing sounds or being connected with religious people or in communication with them, such auditory hallucinations can occasionally occur with brain disorders, whereas more common hallucinations in brain disorder are visual – seeing objects, human beings or animals. Such can occur in limbic lobe, posterior temporal area & parieto occipital area dysfunction.

The above behavior changes occur in various neurological diseases, which can be alzheimers, dementia, tumors, vascular, toxic and infective disorders.

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