Are you having lack of energy? Feeling less motivated not interested in anything in life?
Feeling less motivated

Its very common for most of us to feel drained out in energy some time or other for a short period. It is recoverable with rest , sleep but when a person is continuously having lack of energy for days together, he/she is unable to sleep adequately or sleeps excessively without feeling refreshed on getting up, appetite decreases or increases, and sex desire diminishes, starts lacking interest in his/her usual hobbies , thinks negatively, small problems look big to them, lacks motivation, feels sad or cries has a feeling of guilt or self-pity or worthlessness-self pity and in extreme cases feels like ending life and these symptoms are without any loss of near and dear ones or dejections in emotional life or loss of job or money in business.

Such a person is suffering from a depressive illness which happens when brain circuits/networks responsible for maintaining these essential features of human life do not function well due to biochemical/ electrical/ structural dysfunction of specific areas of brain. The structures of brain through which these circuits are interconnected in various degrees are prefrontal lobe, anterior cingulate cortex, insula, limbic lobe thalamus, and hypothalamus internal reward circuit called V. T. A.

Such coordinated orchestrated functioning of these networks is essential for a human being to function efficiently, physically, emotionally, and biologically. These circuits/networks and their functional connectivity is based upon various neurotransmitters mainly serotonin, norepinephrine, and dopamine. They are dependent upon expression of concerned genes. Hence many depressive patients have a family history in the same way as diabetics have. Unfortunately, this treatable illness of brain is usually missed or miss diagnosed. At times this depression can be a symptom of a structural lesion in brain. Hence such constellation of symptoms require various investigations for detecting its presence for appropriate and adequate therapeutic interventions.

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