Getting very slow in all the activities of daily life – Diffiluty in walking Briskly

Are you getting very slow in all the activities of daily life? Or is there a change in handwriting – signature changed?

Despite normal strength in all four limbs, many patients are not able to perform their activities of daily living or earning their livelihood. All these are because of slowness of speed of movements of limbs or increased tone of muscle called rigidity.Whenever tremor is felt by an individual the concern is whether it\’s a Parkinson tremor. The tell-tale sign in a florid Parkinson patient consist of Tremor at rest along with slowness of body movements, rigidity, and lack of balance and slow small shuffling walk along with stooped posture.

As Parkinson’s disease occurs mostly in elderly population, many a time, it is missed due to absence or minimal tremors accompanied by walking difficulty or difficulty in getting up from a low chair are wrongly attributed to concomitant co-existing radiological changes in knee joints due to aging process called osteoarthritis of knee. Thus effective, appropriate treatment of Parkinson’s disease is missed. Such a treatment can be pharmacotherapy to replace the deficient chemical of dopamine in brain. Another recent understanding in Parkinson disease is regarding finding of brain network atrophy. Newer modalities of drug delivery have revolutionized pharmacotherapy based on various evidences pointing toward causation of Parkinson’s disease. The recent evidences point towards Gut Brain axis involvement through alteration of good bacteria of gut. Newer therapeutic interventions are in the horizon.

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