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Recurring Headaches

Are you worried about your recurring headaches? When is headache a warning sign of hidden brain diseases?


Have you witnessed persons having episodes of fainting and loss of consciousness? Are there episodes of decreased alertness?
loosing memory

Losing Memory

Are you forgetting things more often than usual? Worried about getting Dementia / Alzheimer's? is your grasping capability consistently decreasing?


Have you suffered or suffering from dizziness?

Behavior Changes

Is there a change in behavior of a known person or people close to you have noticed any change in your behaviour and mentioned it to you? . Do you or someone known to you, see or hear things which are not existing?

Strokes/Brain Attacks

Strokes are also called brain attack. Are you suffering from complete or partial paralysis?

Numbness in Body

Are you having episodic or continuous numbness in various parts of body with or without weakness -loss of strength ?


Are your hands shaking?

Back Ache / Sciatica / Nerve Pain

Are you suffering from backache ?

Sleep Disorders

Is your sleep not refreshing or complete? Are you unable to control your sleep in day time or fall asleep in a meeting or while driving?


Are you suffering from repeated episodes of convulsions or sudden short-lasting change in behavior or are you suffering from episodes of losing contact with surrounding for which you have no memory?

Back Ache / Sciatica / Nerve Pain

Does your face go to one side when you speak or fluid /food comes out from one side of mouth?


Are you having lack of Energy? Feeling less motivated not interested in anything in life?
Double Vision

Double Vision

Do you see double?

Drooping Eyelid

Are you unable to open one of the eyes suddenly or unable to keep the eyes open?
Speaking Difficulty

Speaking Difficulty

Are you having difficulty in speaking clearly, or words are pronounced in a slurred or in a lisping manner like a small child speaking or it resembles a drunken person not able to pronounce the words clearly?

Weakness in limbs

Do you have a weakness in any of your arms/legs with/without pain in spine/back?


Are you getting very slow in all the activities of daily life? Or is there a change in handwriting - signature changed?

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