Speaking Difficulty

Are you having difficulty in speaking clearly, or words are pronounced in a slurred or in a lisping manner like a small child speaking or it resembles a drunken person not able to pronounce the words clearly?

In a case where either you or a person known to you is not able to find the word or name of a particular object / another person while speaking or has a telegraphic speech or has broken sentences or unable to speak a single word to convey his intentions while speaking it denotes improper functioning of brain speech area, usually on left side of brain due to either a stroke or tumor or degeneration. This can also give rise to writing difficulty called agraphia or reading difficulty causing inability to read previously learnt language.

Interestingly, the involvement of specific areas of brain called Wernicke produces abnormal spoken language which is not meaningful with wrong grammar or using new non-existing words, then such a speech is known as word salad or garbage speech. Such patients are dysphasic and are commonly mistaken by family, friends and many times by physicians also, of having a mental – psychiatric disorder. Causes for such abnormal language/speech are cutting out of blood supply of a specific area of brain resulting in stroke or degeneration or tumor.

Whereas slurred speech could be a manifestation of above mentioned causes another cause of slurred speech results from involvement of another brain area called Cerebellum( it is an area of brain responsible for controlled coordinated muscle function during movements of muscles ). It’s dysfunction due to various causes require investigations

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