Are your hands shaking? Are you embarrassed in social functions?

When there are involuntary excessive movements of hands, feet, neck, lips, and speech they are called tremors. Tremors are a common sight in many young and old alike. In adults, many a times they are wrongly taken as a sign of aging. Tremors are involuntary movements that can occur at rest or during action in the majority of the cases .It is important to note whether tremors are producing a change in handwriting causing non-recognition of their valid signature or interfering with the activities of daily living like holding a cup of tea or glass of water or plate for eating especially in any social buffet meal.

They may socially embarrass us. They may have a sinister cause or can be benign, as in the case of familial tremors also called Benign Essential Tremor (B.E.T). Many toxic substances use, or their withdrawal can produce the same. There are satisfying treatment modalities available. But the worry of many individual is whether it is Parkinson’s disease-causing tremor.

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